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Anorexia and bulimia Quebec guarantees immediate, free professional support to people affected by eating disorders.

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Updated: Wednesday July 2nd 2014

ANEB extends the hours of the help and referral line

ANEB is proud to announce that its help and referral line will now be open from 8 am to midnight, Monday to Friday, starting April 28th 2014. The service is thus extended three hours a day. Thanks to the mobilization of public and generous donations and sponsorships that have made the 2013-2014 fundraising campaign a success, the organization ANEB is currently able to open a late night shift on the line. ANEB would like to thank all of those who contributed in one way or another to make possible the extension of the service of the help and referral line.

Hours of the help and referral line:
8am to midnight, Monday to Friday (starting April 28th, 2014) / 12pm to 16pm, Saturday and Sunday. .

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